La Kika

The La Kika Property hosts silver-lead-zinc carbonate replacement mineralization, hosted in Mesozoic limestone. Mineralization is exposed as both mantos and a prominent high-angle breccia zone in underground workings extending in a north-south direction for approximately 110 metres, and to a depth of approximately 25 metres. Mineralization in the workings is open in all directions. Numerous prospect pits are scattered over a 200 x 200 metre area. Mineralized material remaining in the walls of underground workings and dump piles has been examined using a hand-held NitonTM portable XRF analyzer. While routinely used in industrial settings to measure metal content of alloys, etc., a single measurement of elemental abundance with a Niton™ analyzer is not a substitute for an assay at an accredited lab, as, in this context, it only measures elemental abundances on exposed rock surfaces and not within the body of the rock. However, with repeated measurements over a rock face, it can provide a semi-quantitative indication of the tenor of mineralization. The Niton™ testing returns values frequently exceeding 1,000 grams/ton silver and 30% combined lead and zinc in mineralized areas of the underground workings and dump piles at La Kika. The timing of historic mining is unknown. The La Kika Property has not seen any modern exploration or drilling. The remainder of the property is virtually unexplored.

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